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  • March 30, 2015          
  • Wood oven-baked oysters with absinthe, breadcrumbs and fennel-benne seed salad    20
  • Grilled little gems with roasted carrots, yogurt, herb jam and almonds    13
  • Grilled cauliflower and greens salad with rutabaga, boiled egg and fresh turmeric    13
  • Puntarelle and endive salad with turnips, breadcrumbs and herbs    13
  • Sheepsmilk ricotta with snap peas, wild nettles and mint    15
  • Grilled artichokes with citrus, beets and preserved lime    15
  • Pozole blanco in the fireplace with pork, duck, hominy, chicharrónes, radishes, green garlic and chiles    36
  • Wood oven roasted king trumpet mushrooms with kabocha squash, farro, chrysanthemum and an egg cooked by the fire    29
  • Grilled local rockfish with smoky lentils, asparagus, burdock and sorrel    36
  • Fiscalini cheddar    9