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  • October 20, 2014


  • Grilled octopus and cucumber salad with pickled chiles    14
  • Hen-of-the-woods mushroom frittata with mashed beets and carrot salad    12
  • Sauerkraut salad with green beans, fresh flageolet beans and almonds    11
  • Escarole salad with aged sheepsmilk cheese, Camino vinegar and herbs    10
  • Smoked oyster and salted rockfish stew with king trumpet mushrooms and wild nettles    15
  • Grilled duck wing confit with Belgian endive, pomegranate and sesame    11
  • Boudin blanc with grilled pan di zucchero, apples and fried potatoes    28
  • Fresh shellbean ragoût with roasted eggplant, red lentils, chiles and a poached egg    24
  • Grilled local ling cod with turnips, lovage and smoky tomato    27
  • Homemade pretzel    3
  • Fiscalini cheddar    7