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  • November 20, 2014
  • Wood oven-baked oysters with absinthe, breadcrumbs and kohlrabi salad    16
  • Kabocha squash salad with grilled Belgian endive, pomegranate, almonds and yogurt    10
  • Puntarelle salad with sheepsmilk ricotta toast, beets, eggplant and preserved lemon     11
  • Chicory salad with Camino vinegar and herbs    9
  • Half a Dungeness crab grilled in the fireplace with rutabaga, radishes and garlic mayonnaise    16
  • Roasted pork soup with rice, green garlic and matsutake mushrooms    12
  • Grilled pork leg and crépinette with fingerling potatoes, greens, prunes and horseradish    28
  • Wood oven-roasted porcini and king trumpet mushrooms with polenta, cardoons, sunchokes, wild nettles
  • and an egg cooked by the fire    25
  • Grilled local rockfish with garbanzo beans, burdock, grilled escarole and fire-roasted peppers    27